Tuesday, June 26, 2012

End of June Garden Update

Everything is growing wonderfully in the garden and some things are even ready to be picked! A couple of days ago, we picked a few radishes that were ready to be eaten. Today, we picked these bunching onions. We've never grown onions like this before, so it was interesting that they all were growing together in one big clump from the bulb. Separating them out, there were seven delicious onions that were sliced into our salad tonight! Also, we used some salad greens growing in the garden for the salad, too! There is nothing like picking your own vegetables fresh from the backyard and eating them in your dinner that night!

Here are some more pictures of how the garden is progressing. Many of the pepper plants are growing tons of peppers, all green at the moment, but they will ripen soon. The tomatoes are all beginning to sprout some fruit as well. Even the Chinese Five-Colour Hot Pepper plants are starting to grow tiny, purple peppers (that will eventually change colours five different times from purple, white, yellow, orange, and red!).

Red Rocket Hot Pepper

Tequila Sunrise Sweet Pepper

Hot Banana Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Chinese Five-Color Hot Pepper
Red Pear Cherry Tomato

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

More Cherry Tomatoes!

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