Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walk For Farm Animals

After visiting Farm Sanctuary, I've been reading online and visiting their website to see if there are any ways I can assist with their fundraising efforts.  Right now, Farm Sanctuary is preparing one of their big fundraising initiatives, the Walk For Farm Animals!  Not only that, but Canadians are also pitching in with a walk taking place right here in Toronto!  I signed myself right up for this one as I would love to do some fundraising for this wonderful charitable organization.

I will be walking as a "Virtual Walker" which means that I will not be attending the official Toronto event as the date clashes with my work schedule.  I will still be doing a walk here at a local park in Mississauga on a date close to the actual event on September 24th.  I'll write all about it when I'm finished!  The walk in Toronto is 1.75 miles but I'm going to make this walk a full 5km (3.10 miles)!

I would really appreciate any donations if you would like to sponsor me in this event.  By clicking the above button, you will be taking directly to my fundraising page, where your donations will go directly to Farm Sanctuary.  Any donations are appreciated and the rescued farm animals will be thankful for your support!

It would also be fantastic if you wanted to participate in the event and raise some money as well for this worthwhile cause!  You can sign up as a participant in a city close to you, become a Virtual Walker in your city like I did, or "Sleep In For Farm Animals" where you'd like to raise money but might be a bit too busy to take part in a walk. 

Thank you so much for your support!

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