Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oatmeal Muffins Made From Oat Flour

I baked up these Oatmeal Muffins from the Happy Herbivore website because I was looking for a simple recipe where I already owned all of the ingredients in the cupboard.  I was also intrigued because it involved making your own oat flour from oats!  I've never made my own flour before.  I put the oats into the food processor and watched them whirl around.  Within seconds, they turned to flour - it was almost like magic!  I guess I am easily amused!

Back to the muffins...unfortunately, the magic of these muffins didn't quite carry over to the taste of the treat.  While these muffins are a lot healthier than your typical baked good, I found them to be quite dense and bland.  I even sprinkled cinnamon and brown sugar on top of them before baking, and that couldn't even really save them.

Maybe the recipe just didn't work out for me, or maybe others out there have a different taste for muffins than I do.  I don't find that I need things to be particularly sweet, but I did find these to be rather tasteless and heavy.  Not really what I look for in a muffin, so hopefully I can report back over the next few days with more successful baking results!

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