Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Participating in Vegan Mofo 2011!

I've signed up for Vegan Mofo - or Vegan Month of Food - for this year since I now have a Vegan blog of my own!  It runs for the entire month of October and right now, I'm thinking of going with the theme of baking vegan desserts or transforming my old favorite non-vegan desserts into vegan desserts.  That means a whole lot of baking and a whole lot of desserts around the house!  I will have to share them with some friends or co-workers as I can't have all of those baked goods hanging around - that's dangerous!  It will also be quite the challenge for me as my day job has picked up quite a bit and I haven't been around the house very much lately.  Hopefully I can get a little head start on the baking and save the dessert blog posts for October.

Hundreds of Vegan blogs participate in Vegan Mofo, so I can't wait to start reading some new blogs based on a whole variety of topics!  It will be interesting to see the different takes on this challenge and how creative some people can get.  I'm also excited to be a part of something amazing online, a whole network of like-minded people coming together to celebrate Veganism!  If you're ready to take on the challenge of blogging about something Vegan every day in October, you should sign up your blog as well.  All of the participating blogs will be listed after September 28th, 2011 (the last sign-up day) over at

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