Friday, September 2, 2011

Pina Colada Trail Mix

Last month, we went on a little road trip for three days through New York and Pennsylvania.  On the last day, we stopped at an outlet mall to do a little bit of clothes shopping.  We went into a store called Harry & David, which from what I can tell, is a fairly popular chain of stores that make food gift baskets.  I stocked up on their coffee because it smelled amazing!  We also bought a bag of trail mix there called Pina Colada Trail Mix and it was so yummy!  When we got home, we ate it all up and are unable to purchase anything like that here since we don't have any Harry & David stores in Canada.

I looked at the ingredients and it actually seemed pretty simple to make.  Also, the pineapples were sweetened with sugar (aren't pineapples sweet enough?) and oil was added to the mix.  I thought to myself....I could probably make this on my own just as easily, and without the added oil or sugar!  As it turns out, I could!  It turned out great, and as my fiance, Paul tells me - "Better than the one we bought!" which definitely counts for something!

So, without further delay, here it is, Lauren's Pina Colada Trail Mix!

1 bag of dried pineapple, chopped (found this at Whole Foods, any kind of dried pineapple will do)
shredded coconut
macadamia nuts, chopped
almonds, chopped
cashews, chopped

I chopped all of the nuts and the pineapple into smaller pieces, put it in a bowl, and mixed it together.  That's it!  This trail mix will make you feel like you're on a tropical island!  Mmmmm!

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